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Unlike numerous aerosol spray cleaners on the market, Plexus Plastic Cleaner and Polish was developed specifically for the unique characteristics of aircraft windows and painted surfaces. While many all-purpose cleaners have been shown to cause clouding or premature breakdown of aircraft windows, Plexus’s special formula safely cleans, seals, and protects your surfaces without damaging the components. Its abrasive-free formula seals pores to block out contaminants and increase the lifespan of your windows. Additionally, its anti-static properties help keep your surfaces cleaner for a longer period than run-of-the-mill applicants. Each can contains 13 oz. (0,384l) of spray. A top-of-the-line cleaning agent that’s earned the seal of approval from aircraft window manufacturers.

From the Manufacturer
Finally – the most effective polish you can use for your airplane!

Plexus® was developed for use in the aviation industry – specifically, for cleaning and protecting aircraft windshields and painted surfaces. As plexus became more and more popular, people quickly discovered it could be used on a limitless variety of plastic surfaces. Since then, Plexus has continued to grow in popularity, and today it is recognized as the most effective plastic cleaner, protectant and polisher on the market!

  • CLEANS: Powerful, safe cleaning without abrasives. Out-performs all competitors.
  • PROTECTS: Seals the pores of the plastic, keeping out contaminants.
  • QUICK: Spray on and wipe off application reduces man hours.
  • CONVENIENT: Aerosol can stores without evaporating and delivers exact amounts.
  • EXTENDS WINDOW LIFE SPAN: Decreases window replacement frequency.
  • ANTI-STATIC Stays cleaner, longer.
  • APPROVED FOR USE Approved by aircraft window manufacturers.

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